Artemis simulates a spaceship bridge by networking multiple computers together. One computer is the server that runs the simulation and the “Main Screen”, while the others serve as workstations for the stations that would be required on a starship bridge. Those stations would include Helm, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon Control, just to say a few. Artemis is a Team-Based game where all players are together in one room (“The Bridge”), and while they all work together, one player plays the Captain, a person who sits in the middle, doesn’t have a workstation and tells everyone what to do. If interested in having us at your event, email or call us.


HomeSchool Stem Expierience

Command Flight Adventure provides a unique way to apply STEM learning. Using Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator provides the students who participate a unique chance to use critical thinking skills. The Simulator also requires the student to practice their analytical and problem-solving skills.

While participating in the Bridge experience communication skills also are put to the test, communicating effectively between the Bridge stations is a must to ensure the mission is accomplished successfully.

Last but not least It provides a fun and learning experience under the veil of having fun.

The Bridge simulation can be used with a 6 students, each bridge session can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. If there are more than 6 students, we have an area where the ones not participating currently can sit and wait. Reservations are required to ensure the availability of the bridge. We provide special rates for Homeschool students

Corporate Training

Command Flight Adventure uses a program called "Artemis Spaceship Bridge simulator". In this simulator, the participants must communicate effectively to survive the scenario.  For any successful organization, effective communication is one of the central tenets of agile project management and basic operation. With that being said Command Flight Adventure provides a fun tool to help teams to improve their communication skills. TSN Cygnus is the name of the ship we provide, it is portable and a self-contained package that we will bring to your location /event, set up, and coordinate play for your personnel. We provide all necessary computers, networking peripherals, and accessories needed. We can hook up to your television (provided your TV has HDMI or SVGA connections available), or I will bring a projector and screen, or my own 37-inch monitors for the ship display. The only thing that I will need from the location that we are coming to is power and the space to set up.

When the ship is set up, we can have a vary of ship configurations. The number of people who can operate the ship can vary. It can operate with a minimum of 5 participants (there is a configuration where we can have 10 people participating at the same time).  The max number of players we can have at one time is 10.  The positions that will need to be filled are as follow Captain, Helm Control. Science Officer, Engineering, Weapons, Communications Officer, and up to 4 fighter craft stations. In the days of Covid19 if there are special considerations needed or concerns, just ask.  If you are interested in us setup up at your business or corporate location, email or give us a call.

Dream Flight Adventures

Command Flight Adventure is honored to now offer the simulator of Dream Flight Adventures. What is Dream Fight Adventures you ask? It is a blend of technology, engineering, and science with social studies, humanities, and art. Missions that the Cygnus will embark on can teach over forty 21st-century skills. Adventures will span across space and time. Dream Flight Adventure has numerous scenarios that center around an educational adventure that takes place on the bridge of TSN Cygnus. Children and Big kids age 9 to 70 come aboard, cooperate and work as a team to fly full speed ahead into the unknown. The crew of the Cygnus will travel to reaches of outer space, dive to the deepest corners of the ocean. Travel back in time, to change history, The Ship itself will be shrunken to the size of a blood cell to travel through the body—if it can be imagined Dream Flight Adventure can take them there.

Come join us for an amazing

adventure. For those who are interested in what is Dream Flight Adventure feel free to go to their website: https://dreamflightadventures.com/

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