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Do you want free money?

Good afternoon folks, I hope you are well. I would like to let you know that you have a excellent opportunity of free money in front of you. YES FREE MONEY. I present to you the first TSNCygnus raffle. To help push awareness and let people know about us and aware of us, I am making a social media push to get I want to make a push to get followers So with that said we have 130 followers as of now , when we get to 300 followers everyone who has Liked and followed us on will automatically be entered in for a drawing of a $50.00 Visa gift card. There are 3 requirements to be qualified for the drawing. 1- you have to live in Arizona. 2-You have to like us on Facebook 3. You have to Follow us on Facebook. If you have done all 3 of those things, you qualify for the drawing that will take place when we reach 300 followers. So share this, help me pass the word of us, and lets watch the number rise .

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