TSN-Cygnus is the name of the ship you will be commanding with Command Flight Adventures. A portable and self-contained package, we can bring to your location, set up, and coordinate play for parties. ARTEMIS Starship Bridge Simulator is fantastic as well for team-building exercises, or even just for fun.


Our crew provides all necessary computers, networking, and accessories needed. We can hook up to your television (provided your TV has HDMI or SVGA connections available), or bring a projector and screen. (ARTEMIS does require available power, preferably 2-3 outlets).

We can also provide limited tables ( two eight-foot tables and one 6 foot table), but seating is up to you. It's your starship to command!


Rates for parties are:

$250. (All party members must be minimum 16 years old.)


Our crew can provide two eight-foot tables and one 6 foot table. You will just have to have the place and space for the setup! The playtime runs for about 3 hours (We will facilitate assist and guide users as they need it). Each mission runs an average of 60 minutes.


Corporate Team Building exercises $500.


Setup and tear-down require a 60-minute timeslot. We can/will provide two eight-foot tables and one 6 foot table. You just need the place and space for the setup! Each mission runs about 1 hour (Each mission is meant for eight participants, up to 10). And don't worry; we teach the station basics for each participant, and then are there to assist if there are any questions during the mission. We are present at the hosts’ discretion, from the start of the event until the event ends.


Command Flight Adventures is also available for science fiction conventions within easy driving distance of Phoenix, AZ. Contact us for more info.

Bridge simulation screen


The Science console:

uses their special scanners to get detailed information on other ships’ signatures and detect anomalies in space that others might not pick up on.


The Weapons console:

is in control of the ship’s weapons, of course, but also its shields; there’s not enough power to always keep every shield up!


keeps in touch with friends and enemies alike, negotiating aid, surrender, and information with equal verisimilitude.


The Helm console:

pilots the ship and can bring it into warp.



manages power and heat concerns for all the ship’s systems and can overcharge them for bonuses, but also manages damage control and onboard repairs.


The Captain:

has no direct control on the Artemis, but coordinates the efforts of all other consoles and manages the team for an effective response to all missions.


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