TSN-Cygnus is the name of the ship you will be commanding with Command Flight Adventures. A portable and self-contained package, we can bring to your location, set up, and coordinate play for parties. ARTEMIS Starship Bridge Simulator is fantastic as well for team-building exercises, or even just for fun.


We are setup at:

101 North Riverside Drive,

Clarksville Tn 37040

We are setup permanent at this address, however we constantly have a portable ship ready to be deployed to any location for you to use for your event,  Call us or email us if interested in having  the bridge at your location. 


Immersive themed experience

      Minimum of 6 players

     $7.00 PER STATION

    *Minimum of 6 players

     Thursday- Friday 3pm -9 pm 

     Saturday - Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm


     Call to book your reservation 931-413-9831

     Will staff other hours listed, just call and discuss your



      Call us for Corporate and Home School froup pricing

Bridge simulation screen


The Science console:

uses their special scanners to get detailed information on other ships’ signatures and detect anomalies in space that others might not pick up on.


The Weapons console:

is in control of the ship’s weapons, of course, but also its shields; there’s not enough power to always keep every shield up!


keeps in touch with friends and enemies alike, negotiating aid, surrender, and information with equal verisimilitude.


The Helm console:

pilots the ship and can bring it into warp.



manages power and heat concerns for all the ship’s systems and can overcharge them for bonuses, but also manages damage control and onboard repairs.


The Captain:

has no direct control on the Artemis, but coordinates the efforts of all other consoles and manages the team for an effective response to all missions.